Collection and processing

The art and science of harvesting and processing wild mushrooms from the Ukrainian Carpathians

In the verdant wild forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians, an array of unique and potent fungi thrive. Among them are Lion’s Mane, Amanita Muscaria, Chaga, Cordyceps Militaris and Fomes Fomentarius, each carrying profound medicinal and nutritional properties. Harvesting, drying and processing these mushrooms into various forms – ground, capsules and whole caps – requires a meticulous blend of traditional wisdom and modern science. Mushroom Holistic, a company deeply rooted in these forests, has honed this blend to perfection, ensuring the highest quality, safety and efficacy in all the products.

Harvesting: Embracing the forest’s rhythm

Harvesting mushrooms from their natural habitat is an art that requires deep knowledge and respect for the forest ecosystem. Each mushroom species has its preferred season, altitude and tree type. Lion’s Mane, for instance, is often found on hardwood trees in the fall, while chaga prefers birch trees and can be harvested in winter when nutrients are most concentrated in the fungi.

Mushroom Holistic’s mushroom pickers have generations of experience in identifying the perfect time and place to collect each mushroom. This traditional knowledge, coupled with modern scientific research, ensures that mushrooms are harvested sustainably, at the peak of their nutritional and medicinal potency.

Drying and processing: Preserving nature’s gifts

Once harvested, the mushrooms undergo a careful drying process to preserve their beneficial properties. The drying temperature is carefully controlled, often below 50 degrees Celsius, to prevent the degradation of heat-sensitive compounds.

Amanita Muscaria, with its psychoactive constituents, requires particular attention during this process.

After drying, the mushrooms are ready for processing

Some are ground into powder, providing a versatile ingredient for a variety of wellness recipes. Others, like Cordyceps Militaris, are processed into capsules, offering a convenient way to reap the benefits of this potent mushroom.

Others, like Fomes Fomentarius, are left as whole caps, preserving their natural form for those who appreciate the raw beauty of these fungi.


Quality assurance: The pinnacle of trust

In each step of this process, from the forest to the final product, Mushroom Holistic maintains rigorous quality controls. All mushrooms are tested in laboratory conditions to ensure they meet international and Ukrainian quality certification.

Moreover, the company values transparency, providing detailed information about the origin, processing and testing of each product.


Packaging: Closing the loop

Mushroom Holistic’s commitment to quality extends to its packaging. Ground mushrooms, capsules and whole caps are all packaged in materials designed to protect their quality and potency.

The packaging also reflects the company’s respect for the environment, made from materials that are both sturdy and sustainable.


At Mushroom Holistic, we believe in the power of mushrooms to transform lives, and we invite you to join us in this journey of discovery, health and respect for nature. Experience holistic benefits of Lion’s Mane, Amanita Muscaria, Chaga, Cordyceps Militaris and Fomes Fomentarius, and discover the difference that quality, integrity and respect for nature can make in your wellness journey. 

How we dry our mushrooms

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