Antiparasitic Triad

In recent years, the concept of antiparasitic products has gained significant attention in the realm of natural health and wellness. This article delves into the essence of these products, their historical background, and the research-based health benefits they offer. Additionally, we will explore where to find and purchase these products online in the USA.

What is Antiparasitic Triad?

Antiparasitic triadAntiparasitic Triad refers to a combination of three natural ingredients – tansy, tarragon, and clove – in our case supplemented with dried Amanita Muscaria. These components are known for their potent antiparasitic properties. The triad works synergistically to combat various parasitic infections, making it a popular choice in alternative medicine. Available in various forms such as caps, powder and capsules, these products offer a natural approach to dealing with parasites.

Where do tansy, tarragon, clove and Amanita Muscaria grow?

Tansy, a perennial herb with a distinctive aromatic scent, is native to Europe and Asia but has been widely naturalised in North America. Tarragon, another aromatic herb, is primarily found in North America, Eurasia and parts of Europe. Clove, known for its pungent flavor and aroma, originates from the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. Amanita Muscaria, a notable mushroom species, is commonly found in the temperate and boreal regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

History of the use of tansy, tarragon, clove and Amanita Muscaria for medical and health purposes

The history of using tansy, tarragon, clove and Amanita Muscaria for medicinal purposes dates back centuries. Tansy was traditionally used in Europe for treating intestinal worms and various other ailments. Tarragon, with its roots in ancient herbal medicine, was often utilised for pain relief and to stimulate appetite. Clove has a long history in Asian and African cultures as a remedy for pain, especially toothaches, and digestive issues. Amanita Muscaria, though controversial due to its psychoactive properties, was used in small doses in some traditional medicines.

Research-based health benefits of tansy, tarragon, clove and Amanita Muscaria microdosing

Recent research has shed light on the potential health benefits of these ingredients, especially when used in microdosing. Tansy contains compounds that are effective against certain types of parasites. Tarragon is rich in antioxidants and has shown potential in improving digestive health. Clove oil is renowned for its antimicrobial properties and is effective in pain relief. Dried Amanita Muscaria, when used responsibly in microdoses, may offer neurological benefits, though this area requires more scientific exploration.

Where to find and buy Antiparasitic Triad online in the USA

For those interested in researching the benefits of the Antiparasitic Triad, various options are available online. Mushroom Holistic offers a range of Antiparasitic Triad powders and capsules on this page. It is important to buy from proven sources to ensure product quality and safety. All Mushroom Holistic products are of excellent quality and have been certified. They meet all international standards, as confirmed by laboratory tests. You can see the certificates of our products here.


Antiparasitic Triad, consisting of tansy, tarragon, clove and dried Amanita Muscaria, presents a fascinating blend of natural ingredients with a rich historical background and promising health benefits. As with any health supplement, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new regimen. We work every day and wish more people can access and benefit from the natural healing properties of these ancient herbs and mushrooms.